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Welcome Letter

The best place in Heaven is on Earth
 Thich Nhat Hanh

Dear friends!

Thank you for choosing Zen Rocks for your uplifting and restorative vacation!

We would like to see you make the most out of your stay with us, so let us take a moment to introduce our mission and goals and ways of enjoying this retreat in nature.

Our & Your Mission at Zen Rocks

Planetary happiness starts by reconnecting with our own personal well-being, our natural joie-de-vivre!

Our feeling is that you are coming here to this special place, because your life purpose and needs at this moment accord with what our land has to offer: relaxation, healing energy, a chance to reconnect with our vital powers, with nature, and each other— all beings near and far

Our feeling is that you are coming here to this special place, because your life purpose and needs at this moment accord with what our land has to offer: relaxation, healing energy, a chance to reconnect with our vital powers, with nature, and each other— all beings near and far.

Βreathing in, I calm body and mind.
Breathing out, I smile.
Dwelling in the present moment
I know it is a wonderful moment!
Mindfullness verse by Thich Nhat Hahn

Information to help you Prepare!

Covid Pre-cautions

After the recent outbreak of COVID-19, we are taking all the precautions, and following all precautions and hygienic guidelines at Zen Rocks for your comfort, safety, and ease of mind.

Note:  In accordance with regulations we also ask that you present a negative Self Test taken within 24hours from your arrival at Zen Rocks,  AND upon arriving on the spot.

Daily Schedule

The centerpiece of our practice is daily early morning meditation, usually Zen Sitting in Silence.
Also silent, slow, walking meditation.  Feel free to join us after you look at the schedule. 
After meditation, we usually start the day with morning tea, continuing with a moving body practice like yoga or Pilates, and then a brunch consisting of fresh, local, and yummy foods. 
For the rest of the day, enjoy a good rest, walks and swims in nature, meditative and restorative practices, and a positive, uplifting way of thinking and feeling.  Above all, you are encouraged to honor your needs and truly nurture yourself with a good measure of rest and activity.  Let us know if you need to miss parts of the retreat schedule.

Connectivity at Zen Rocks

Our motto here at Zen Rocks is: DISCONNECT TO CONNECT.

We ask that you please get ready to unplug phones and internet communication as much as possible.  There is very limited access to WI-FI while at Zen Rocks.  No telephone landline.  The rooms do not have a TV.  Your mobile phone should work here, but there is not always access from all the rooms. There is little outside noise; only the sounds of nature, crickets, cicadas, and other animals.  We connect with what is present in this moment, and with our deeper need for inner connection and restoration.

Water Usage

Please be mindful of your water usage. Water is extremely limited during the summer months.  Thank you for keeping this in mind as you prepare to travel to Mani, an area known as rocky and arid.  The sea is blue and magical, so the water element in our bodies can be fully satiated with a good swim. Showers can be brief and pleasant.  It may be a good idea to bring a drinking bottle, if possible.  Drinking water comes to Zen Rocks from Taygetos Mountain through the town system; we also filter it.

Energy Usage

Please be mindful of your Energy usage.  Turn lights and fans, heaters, and air conditioners off when you are not in the room.  Please do not leave doors and windows open when the Cooling/Healing system is on in your room.

Extreme Caution: No Candles, Incense, or Fires

Under no circumstances are candles a good idea in your room.  Please leave your candles and incense burners at home. We have had severe damage in guests rooms, even from the most innocent small and protected candles.

No fires anywhere in the premises.

Exception: during wintertime, our Zen Rocks team may build a fire  @ our  exterior stone fire pit.  

Art Paintings & Room Objects

The beautiful paintings in your rooms, made by an inspiring local artist, D Mani, and other objects you may like may be available for sale.  Ask us if anything strikes your fancy.

Pets at Zen Rocks

We love animals, but we regret the fact that WE CANNOT accept ANY outside PETS at our space.


We serve fresh seasonal vegetarian, and as often as possible Vegan meals, with local products and delectable extra virgin organic olive oil, lovingly harvested from the olive trees of our land. 

Please do not bring any meat products to Zen Rocks.

Specialty Coffee & Extra Costs

Your morning tea and/or first cup of specialty Organic coffee is provided free of charge.  Additional shots of espresso or cappuccino type of coffee are offered at an extra charge.


Gratuities are not included in your pricing.  If you feel inclined to leave a gratuity for the kitchen and room service team members, your generosity will be kindly received. 

Some Rules for Harmonious Living at Zen Rocks

  • Enjoy music softly and privately (use your earphones if possible)
  • Speak softly, but laugh from your heart ☺  
  • Encourage positive habits through kind speech, positive thinking, healthy food and drink consumption
  • Encourage positive habits through kind speech, positive thinking, healthy food and drink consumption
  • Please do not bring any meat products, hard alcohol, or drugs of any kind on the land. Thank you for respecting these Zen Rocks parameters.  
  • Smoking is NOT permitted in any INDOOR AREAS.  Please ask about designated areas for Smoking.    
  • Use only biodegradable products. Zen Rocks provides natural biodegradable shampoo & soap.
  • Please do not throw papers of any kind down the drain due to the sensitive sewage system.    
  • Please be conscious of the use of linens; we do not use chlorine in our Organic Natural linens & towels.  Help us treat them with care.
  • Clean Feet… we recommend you use different slippers indoors and outdoors.  If you like to walk barefoot outside, please wash feet when you come in and certainly before you jump to bed.
  • Super clean, is our Zen mentality at Zen Rocks. Being mindful of everything we use and cleaning up after ourselves is the best way to follow the tradition of “Leaving no Trace.”
  • We have 3 dogs and 3 cats on the land. They are super-friendly and sweet; please try not to feed them.  Please let us know if you would rather not have them around. We will keep them away.
  • Recycle and Save Resources.

Let us know

Please always be sure to communicate with us about how your needs are being met while at Zen Rocks.

Thank you for trust and for making yourself at home at Zen Rocks

Flying, Directions & Transportation Options

Contact Information:

Zen Rocks Mailing Address
Zen Rocks
c/o Vivi Letsou
Kallianeika, West Mani, 24150 Kalamata, Greece

Telephone & Whatsapp
(connection does not always work)

For emergencies & questions please contact
Vivi at 6934-21-20-39
or you can also contact, our Athens Studio manager,
Sofia at 6943—07-30-97

Our NYSY Studios, Aiolou 43 Str, Monastiraki, Athens, Greece.

Tel. +(30) 210-32.32.004,, 

In case of an emergency also try: 

Avocado Vegetarian Restaurant/Cafe, 30 Nikis Street, Athens, Greece

+30-210-323.78.78, ask for the manager in charge.

We look forward to welcoming you to Zen Rocks.
Thank you for trusting us with your presence.
May your stay at Zen Rocks be a totally joyous, restorative experience!

Zen Rocks Mani

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