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Nourish your mind, body & spirit in nature

It was a strong call to come, build, and inhabit the earth here, mother Gaia, relish her healing beauty and serenity, accept her invitation to cultivate deep practice through yoga, healthy nutrition, massage, community work, uplifting music and song, and, primarily, meditation.

Accommodations at Zen Rocks Mani Retreat are comfortable, and elegant if not luxurious.  It took a battle with the Giants to overcome many obstacles and succeed in completing this first phase of building this retreat.  Recourses are expensive and we picked the best materials and craftsmanship, so I hope when you try to invite your friends and students, they will understand that they will be staying in a hand carved paradise on earth.

Serenity Double

Twin or double, with a large terrace, garden and sea view and access to a kitchen that is shared with the Harmony Suite.

Harmony Suite

Twin a double, with the capacity of accommodating a third person on its sofa bed, , garden and sea view and access to a kitchen that is shared with the Serenity Double.

Seascape Loft

A feast of tranquillity, this double or twin room rises on the upper floor of a small complex, with stunning views of the Ocean from either the balcony or the 30-sqaure-meter sun deck.

The Cottage

An independent house with its own kitchen and garden, surrounded by natural landscape and olive trees, with views of the ocean, gardens and mountain.

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