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Zen Rocks is offering and welcoming various well being and spiritual paths. The following are practiced and offered on a daily basis:

Abhaya Yoga — Βasi Pilates — Zen Meditation — Open Heart or Tantric Meditation

Our main yoga practice is Abhaya Yoga

Abhaya Yoga

Abhaya Yoga is a method combining dynamic Hatha Yoga movement, Meditation, and a practical Life Stance. It was created by Vivi Letsou, and inspired by the mudra that signifies Abhaya–NO FEAR

Distilling the essence of classical and modern yoga styles, Abhaya Yoga uses strong principles of alignment, yoga therapy, and dynamic vinyasa (movement) to free the body, calm the nervous system, and focus the mind. 

Through meditation, the highest alignment is also sought internally, as a bridge to harmonize our internal and external world.   

Abhaya Yoga points to the liberating path of Self-Discovery and Fearless Action in Life

Abhaya Mudra

Abhaya, inspired by the Hindu and Buddhist Mudra that signifies “No Fear,” is a yogic path that seeks to align all parts of our life with the heart, our inner truth, the divine essence in all beings.  Aligning with the highest power and deepest truth in us makes us fearless. Thus we step into the world and embody Abhaya Mudra!

6 Abhaya Steps to Balance

  1. Align: Body—Mind—Heart
  2. Body:  Strong Principles of Alignment
  3. Heart Intention: Iccha
  4. Asana: Dynamic Practice   
  5. Yes to Meditation
  6. Action:  Fearless Upright Living

Abhaya Yoga – Action in Life

Abhaya Yoga is the path to rediscovering our innate power and goodness. To live with optimum energy and health so we can realize our maximum potential.  In practice and life, our action is based on our inner stance. When we align with the highest power within us, the path of action opens clearly.  We abide by a code of Ethics so we can walk a life-path that is bold and fearless, inspired by compassion for all beings and our vision for a harmonious world.

When you are ready for POSITIVE CHANGE, your life will CHANGE POSITIVELY!

BASI Pilates

Pilates is a low-impact, full body workout. After your first class you may notice abdominal strength is a key component of the work, but Pilates is never restricted to a single muscle group. In one movement, you may feel your abdominals, inner thighs, glutes, and arms working.
Our teacher and partner in Pilates is Rael Isacowitz, leading Pilates teacher in the world today, founder of BASI Pilates, the leading educational academy for Pilates in the world today.  We teach BASI Pilates and our studio NYSY has been offering classes, private sessions, therapeutic pilates,  and teacher trainings courses for over 15 years.
At the heart of the BASI Pilates method is the Block System®, a means of classifying and combining the hundreds of exercises in the Pilates repertoire. The Block System ensures the progressive structuring of classes within a flexible framework; creating sessions that are balanced, well-rounded, and address all planes of movement and multiple muscle groups.

Zen Meditation

Zen meditation is the practice of sitting in preparation of calming your body and mind and opening yourself up to discovering insight into the nature of your being…
The roots of our practice come from the San Francisco Zen Center founded by Shunryu Suzuki Roshi. His book “Zen Mind Beginner’s Mind” epitomizes the essence of Zen and continues to inspire. Suzuki Roshi said about zazen, or zen meditation: “So for a period of time each day, try to sit, without moving, without expecting anything, as if you were in your last moment. Moment after moment you feel your last instant. In each inhalation and each exhalation there are countless instants of time. Your time is to live in each instant.”
Reb Anderson, Vivi’s Zen teacher for nearly 30 years was one of the main students of Suzuki Roshi. His book, “Being Upright” serves as constant inspiration for us to try to find our upright posture both physically and mentally every second of the day.”

Open Heart or Tantric Meditation

Our main Tantric Meditation teacher, Sally Kempton, is a renowned scholar, writer, philosopher, and international lecturer.
She shares about the practice she has been sharing with us for years:

Awakened Heart Meditation is a series of practices for connecting with the deep energy of your own open heart. You might experience that heart energy in different ways: as love, as pure awareness, as the inner knower of your thoughts, as pulsing energy or light, as pure presence, as subtle feelings and sensations. However you may experience it, the heart is who you really are. When you stand in the heart, you can free yourself from the tyranny of fear, pain and confusion. You can feel your true connection with the hearts of others, and with the heart of the universe.

We meditate to explore the Heart, to let the heart reveal its wisdom and love to us. In meditation, we discover how the heart awakens. We practice returning to the heart again and again. One day, we find ourselves living in the heart, from the heart, and for the heart.


Ayurvedic medicine (“Ayurveda” for short) is one of the world’s oldest holistic (“whole-body”) healing systems. It was developed more than 3,000 years ago in India.

It’s based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Its main goal is to promote good health, not fight disease. But treatments may be geared toward specific health problems.


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