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Empowering Body & Spirit from our Roots to the Crown

Libby Love, Jivamukti Yoga
Karla Harris, Singer, Vocal Improvisation
11 Jul - 18 Jul, 7 nights
Jivamukti Vinyasa Yoga, Music & Meditation Retreat & Yoga Teacher Training
From €1250

How yoga helps us to find our voice and know that we are an agent of healing in the world. An intensive practice strengthening and freeing our body, empowering our Spirt and uplifting our Self-esteem.


This retreat is also a Higher Education Teacher Training Program for Yoga Teachers.  After attending the entire program, Yoga Teachers receive a 40 hour Educational Credit towards Continuing Education, or 40 hours towards their 500 Hour Certification Program.

Credit Hours-Certification

Yoga Alliance

Continuing Education & 500  Hour Diploma:

40 Hour Credit

NYSY Academy

500  Hour Yoga Teachers Diploma:

40 Hour Credit

A few words about the process we will follow

How does one hear a voice from deep within an unfamiliar place? Examine the structure of the place and practice the art of listening. The deepest listening enables us to hear innate knowledge, ergo express our true voice.

Yoga is a proven way to help us understand the true power behind our voice. We will turn ourselves upside down and inside out examining our personal power – love itself working through the instrument of the body.

If we want to hear what our soul is meant to express as our purpose in life, we must take time to be quiet and learn how to listen. And Zen Rocks is the perfect place to do this.

About Libby

A life long student of dance, acrobatics, piano and musicianship, Libby teaches classes infused with her life’s experience.  For her, the body is a vehicle through which we  may discover our existence and purpose.  The yoga practice refines our ability to use the tools available – our body and our inner as well as sensual experiences – to know our divine selves.

A practitioner since 2003, Libby received certification as a Jivamukti yoga teacher from founders Sharon Gannon and David life in 2007, and has since been teaching at yoga schools and festivals in the United States and Europe. She teaches regular classes and workshops at her yoga home, Love Yoga, in Kufstein, Austria.

In her classes, she caters to the possibilities of each student with a focus on alignment and flow. Her intent is for the students to work with their breath and intuition, focusing inner strength in order to direct what the physical body can achieve, resulting in a powerful sense of self-esteem. She teaches that the goal of yoga is to evidence the unity of the individual to all beings, and that, in so doing, one can realise strength and confidence through the practice and peace and happiness in life.

About Karla

Guest Teacher offering one afternoon special afternoon session:

“Harris lends enough of her pulse to be a part of the heartbeat of the entire process, vocals and instrumentals, and the strange meandering force that lies between…”
–Carol Banks Weber,

Jazz vocalist Karla Harris, known for dynamic diversity within the music, has made a career within the art form she loves for decades, performing for audiences from Portland to Provence, including at events such as the Sarasota Jazz Festival, Portland Jazz Festival, Oregon Coast Jazz Party, Nantucket Arts Festival, Atlanta Jazz Party, and a TED Talk. She has released critically acclaimed albums, her latest, Certain Elements, reached #44 on the prestigious Jazz Week chart and receives international airplay.

In addition to performing and recording, Harris is an artist-in-residence at Kennesaw State University teaching Applied Vocal Jazz within the Jazz Studies department. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her family and one sassy poodle.

Accommodation 7 Days

Prices per person

Early Bird, Until April 30, 2020

Triple or 4-bed Room 1,250€

Double Room 1,380€

Single Room 1,980€

After May 1, 2020

Triple or 4-bed Room 1,450€

Double Room 1,580€

Single Room 2,180€

What is Included

Yoga classes & meditation (where applicable)
Τwo delicious vegetarian meals a day (brunch and dinner) and morning tea
All yoga equipment and accessories
Biodegradable toiletries

Not Included

Transfer to and from Zen Rocks Mani
Transfers around Zen Rocks and the area
Additional therapeutic treatments or private yoga sessions where applicable


Sample itinerary – full schedule provided at retreat
8.00-11.00: Morning meditation, Satsang, and Dynamic Jivamukti Vinyasa/Asana practice
11.00: Delicious Full Brunch
13.00: Free time to rest or swim/hike
17.30: Afternoon practice – Restorative, Yin yoga, key posture intensives, Vocal Improvisation
19.00: Sunset Mantra Singing
20.15: Dinner


Day 1: Examine the structure of my Being
The 5 layers of our Being or Koshas, and an overview of the Chakra system

Asana Focus: We will practice a full range Vinyasa Class, addressing all 5 levels of our body/existence.

Spiritual Focus/Questions:
Our 5 bodies or layers of being, and the benefit of working with the chakra as a powerful subtle system of use and direction of power.

Day 2: Chakra 1 – Where do I stand?

Asana Focus: Standing, Rooting Asanas

Day 3: Chakra 2 – How my memories influence my perception

Asana Focus: forward bends

Day 4: Chakra 3 – Making space for the manifestation of our personal gifts

Asana Focus: twists

Day 5: Chakra 4 – Courage to share, the true power of the heart

Asana Focus: back bends

Day 6: Chakra 5 – Surrendering personal will to divine will

Asana Focus: shoulderstand

Afternoon Improv session with special guest! – Karla Harris

About Vocal Improvisation:
To paraphrase the internationally acclaimed improvisational vocalist Rhiannon, “Improvisation teaches us to look at our options, to keep listening for grace, and when we hear it, to move – now. Moment to moment is all there is, following one breath, one note, one idea at a time.”

That’s the space we work within when we improvise. It takes some attributes to enter that space, but musical experience is not one of them. All that is required is a willingness to try, to trust, to be a little fearless. To play with the ideas presented and just see how it feels and where they take you. To be open to whatever bubbles up from the inside, or that inspires from the outside. To take hold of the moment and give it voice.

Day 7: Chakra 6 – Role of humility in the awakening yogi

Asana Focus: head down, heart up

Day 8: Chakra 7 – The art of listening: Our conversations with Self

Asana Focus: binding postures


5-6pm (not before 3pm please)
6 or 6.30pm Welcome circle… Easy introduction practice, dinner and early bed time.


Normally after brunch… Latest by noon…
Sometimes we may have to ask for an early room check out by 10.00—11.00am


Double Room

Double Room

Deluxe Triple Room with Sea View. This triple room features a balcony, dining area and minibar. Share a room with two of your friends or two other retreat guests.

Triple Room

Triple Room

Deluxe Triple Room with Sea View. This triple room features a balcony, dining area and minibar. Share a room with two of your friends or two other retreat guests.

Quadruple Room

Quadruple Room

Deluxe Quadruple Room with Sea View. This quadruple room features a balcony, dining area and minibar. Share a room with three of your friends or three other retreat guests.

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Bathing suit, Towels for the beach, suntan lotion, hat, sunglasses, Sturdy Shoes if you plan to hike, Flip-flops, Indoor slippers, Mosquito repellant ,Note pad for writing information, Flashlight or headlamp, Personal toiletries, Prescription medicine, if required, Day pack, International converter kit for rechargeable items, or bring extra batteries, Plug adapter

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