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It was a strong call to come, build, and inhabit the earth here, mother Gaia, relish her healing beauty and serenity, accept her invitation to cultivate deep practice through yoga, healthy nutrition, massage, community work, uplifting music and song, and, primarily, meditation.

Accommodations at Zen Rocks Mani Retreat are comfortable, and elegant if not luxurious.  It took a battle with the Giants to overcome many obstacles and succeed in completing this first phase of building this retreat.  Recourses are expensive and we picked the best materials and craftsmanship, so I hope when you try to invite your friends and students, they will understand that they will be staying in a hand carved paradise on earth.

Villa Esther

A two story building with 2 double rooms and one triple room each with private bathrooms. There is a large common kitchen fully furnished and equipped where you can fix your tea or coffee and store your treats as needed.

Total Capacity: 7 guests

Villa Athena

Also a two story building featuring 3 rooms, exact twin of Villa Esther. Two double rooms and one triple room each with private bathrooms plus kitchen area.

Total Capacity: 7 guests

Garden Cottage

Featuring a functional kitchen with an outside patio where meals can be taken, al fresco, under the shade of olive trees and a carob tree! The bedroom of this lovely house can host another 2 guests.

Total Capacity: 2 guests

Nikolaos Stonehouse

A two story building with 2 quadruple rooms upstairs and one double room on the ground floor.

Total Capacity: 10 guests

Zen Pool

A brand new pool with eye-catching panoramic view of the area.

The Practice Areas

There are several terraces on which yoga classes currently take place depending on the sun and the time of the day.

One of our most unique attractions our newly build magnificent yoga deck. Large enough to accommodate 50-60 people with great views of the sea and horizon, our finely crafted Yoga Deck is actually one of the best places in the world to practice. You are up there in heaven practically, with mesmerising views and a very pleasant breeze even in the hottest summer days… Build with the finest African Iroko wood and assembled by the best professionals in the field in Greece, our Yoga Shala makes your trip to Mani worthy and memorable.

Interior Yoga, Mediation Hall and/or Pilates Studio Space for about 16 people. A very quiet, sunny room with finely crafted iron wood floors, in soft white shades and Zen simplicity.

Sky Yoga Deck


Spartan Amphitheater

The Café

Our newly build al-fresco dining room, is a modern, comfortable outdoor café with stunning views of the sea. Sunset gazing over dinner has been pegged as “one of the best sunset experiences ever.”  Our kitchen is a fully professional, fully equipped kitchen.  Guests often say, that their food experience was one of the memorable surprises of the retreat.  

Home cooked, vegetarian and/or vegan meals may be prepared according to your needs and preferences. We use local seasonal produce grown from our land or neighboring gardens. Fresh goat milk, daily eggs, and hand picked fresh fruit can be added to your menu.   Your meals are prepared by wonderful inspired cooks.


Ειδικη Προσφορα για ελληνες

2 συμμετοχες με την τιμη του Ενος!

2 για 1

Μονο 2 δωματια διαθεσιμα!

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Single Rooms are available at our sister location off-site.
We provide transportation.

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