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Rate CARD for Retreat Organizers

Based on a 6-night Retreat minimum

2022 - 2023

1. Accommodations including brunch and dinner per person for group retreats

Room Type

High Season

Mid Season

Low Season

Double, in Villas/Cottage




Triple,in Villas




Single, in Villas




Triple Nikolaos




Quadruple, Nikolaos




Double, Nikolaos




Single, Nikolaos




All Prices are per person per night

*High Season: July and September.  All public holidays: Easter, Christmas.  

*August 1-27:  Normally Not Available. 

*Mid-Season: April-May-June-October

*Low Season: November-March  

Note: A Triple Room requires a minimum of 3 people for the triple rates to apply. 

           A Quadruple Room requires a minimum of 4 people for the quadruple rates to apply.

2. Practice Spaces Available

Terraces, Balconies, Amphitheatre:

Yoga Deck on higher land:

Inside Zendo-Yoga Room:

Free of charge with bookings of 7 people minimum 

50€ per hour session or 500€ for the day, included for groups of 25

250€ for the day

3. Airport Transfer Rates (Athens Airport & Kalamata/Zen Rocks)

Athens Airport or City of Athens to Zen Rocks (2.5-3 Hours Duration)

Shared Taxi Ride*:

8 people Van*:

Private taxi ride*:

115€/per person subject to availability & depending on number of people. 

65€/per person with Zen Rocks Luxury Van, minimum 8 people or 520€ each way 

Private taxi ride*:

Kalamata Airport to Zen Rocks (approx. 1 Hour Duration)

8 people Van*:

Private taxi ride*:

35€/per person with Zen Rocks Van or 160€ per way. 

60-80€ +  depending on availability.

4. Transfer to the beach

To nearby beach, Kitries or Sandova: Roundtrip visits to the beach for 8 people, Available upon request

To Kalamata or Kardamyli: Roundtrip visits to the beach for 8 people, Available upon request

Destinations about 90-120 minute away, such as Southern Mani, Diros Stalactite Caves, or Ancient Messini: Available upon request

Note: Zen Rocks advises that you charge an extra 150-210€/person for the week, to provide the comfort of easy and hassle free transportation to the beach for clients who prefer not to drive.  

You could also include 1 or 2 extra trips to interesting sites and/or maybe a sailing or kayaking trip.

5. Retreat Deposit & Payment Due

–1,000€ Deposit is due immediately with booking to reserve retreat dates. 

–2,000€ Additional Deposit is due 6 weeks thereafter. 

–50% of total Fee is payable 6 months prior to retreat start. 

–100% of the amount of the amount due, 30 days prior to retreat start.

6. Cancellation Policy

Once deposit is paid and the dates are secured for your group, your deposit is non-refundable. 

In some cases, it may be possible to transfer your deposit to a new date, however this is not guaranteed.

If travel is restricted due to Covid-19 related travel regulations, your deposit and/or other payments may be transferable to a new date.

7. Conditions

Minimum stay/Summer & Holidays:

6 nights, or, preferably 7 nights

Minimum stay/Fall-Winter-Spring:

3 nights, preferably 4 

Option for 3rd meal, Lunch:

25-35€/person depending on menu.

Morning Fruit basket or Early afternoon snack:

8€/person per day

All Day Tea/Coffee/fruit Option:

15€/pp per Day 

Guest Teacher:

Free with 15+ registrations at full rate. One guest teacher per retreat. 

Second Teacher or Assistant:

Room Free when rooming with main teacher, with 16+ full registrations.  

Food charge for Assistant:

50€/day for groups less than 25.


The prices and conditions in this document do not constitute an agreement.

Your reservation is confirmed after all of the following 3 have been received by Zen Rocks:

  1. Signed agreement between organizer and Zen Rocks management. 
  2. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions by organizer and every participant of the retreat. 
  3. Receipt of your deposit and compliance of ALL payment dates & guidelines above. 
  4. All registered guests, teachers, organizers must fill out Registration & Wellness forms and return to Zen Zen Rocks well in advance before commencement of the retreat.   
  5. Zen Rocks retains the right to refuse entry to any guest registered directly through Zen Rocks, or through an organizer/contractor, for reasons the Zen Rocks management deems appropriate. We retain the right to ask a guest to leave if they violate the Terms & Conditions and Regulations of Zen Rocks, and in this case there will be No Refund or Cancellation fee to the guest or to the organizer.  

Notes on Payment 

All payments are made in euro. Your net payment to Zen Rocks needs to be the listed price in net. All bank, paypal, & related transaction charges are payer’s responsibility. 

Requirements for all Participants (all participants need to comply with following steps) 

Agreement to Zen Rocks Terms & Conditions 

Completion of Zen Rocks Registration Form & Wellness Questionnaire 

Organizers’s Responsibility 

It is the Organizers Responsibility to ensure that guests are mentally and physically fit to attend this program 

To inform and get the agreement of applicants for Zen Rocks Terms & Conditions 

To send in teachers-organizers-participants Wellness Questionnaire 

All your guests and your organizers or team members need to respect the rules & regulations of Zen Rocks 

We thank you for your trust and look forward to taking extra good care of your group. 

Thank you again for choosing Zen Rocks as a unique destination  for your retreat


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