Embody Your Power

A Journey of Growth
through Yoga & Embodied Movement

A 5 Step Journey of Growth through Yoga & Embodied Movement

2 hour FREE Session with Vivi Letsou,
Creator of Abhaya Yoga

Join Vivi for a free webcast experience.

During these challenging times we all feel the need to get hold of our power, to see more clearly and to express our message to the world. Often something is holding us back.

What is holding you back and how can you overcome it?

How can we overcome obstacles, and create new pathways in our life?

Join this special circle with Vivi, and enter a journey of slow embodied movement, mindful breathing, meditation, and discussion, so we can feel our power to move through obstacles.

Following the 5 step process of Abhaya Yoga let us:

*Find our Deep need right now, our Dream, what needs to be expressed right now!
*Recognize the Samskaras/Obstacles holding you back
*Embody your experience with Yoga Breath & Movement
*Start working through obstacles
*Open the space for a New Path of Empowerment

Don’t miss this special event!

Sunday Αpril  11

10:00-12:00 (Greek time) in Greek

18:00-20:00 (Greek time) in English

Covert Your Time Zone

On-demand replay will be available

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It is free to attend, and you can join from anywhere around the world.

If you cannot attend LIVE, we will send you the session recorded and you can join the experience at your convenience.

Join us for a live changing experience; time to move forward together, overcoming the obstacles are that are holding us back.

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  • We will form an intimate circle in friendship, welcoming all parts of ourselves to the present moment.
  • We will move with awareness, in a slow, focused, embodied way with breath and rhythm.
  • Focusing on the language of the body, we will ask questions and listen to the our body…
  • What is our urgent need, at this moment?
  • What is our message or gift that needs to be expressed?
  • We will sense into the obstacle(s)  holding us back.  With curiosity and compassion we will ask questions from our body, and recognize the samskaras, old patterns holding us back. 
  • With breath, movement, and meditation, we will embrace our inner state, and allow energy to move and re-move obstacles.
  • Making space for change, we will let the mystery guide us and reveal the next steps…


Come as you are. 


Whether you are an experienced Yogi or first time visitor, let us delve into this movement journey slowly and deliberately and enjoy getting to know our bodies in a new way.

Even if can’t attend live, go ahead and register.
We will send you the link so you can participate in the event at your own convenience.

In April join us for a deeper journey, our 30 Hour Immersion into Empowerment!A life changing experience of Yoga Practice

Vivi Letsou Bio

Vivi Letsou, Creator of Abhaya Yoga

  • NYSY Academy Director, Co-founder Zen Rocks & Avocado Café
  • Bachelor’s of Science–Aeronautics
  • Master of Arts–Theater Arts & Film
  • Yoga Alliance 500 hours, BASIPilates™

Vivi is a strong and charismatic Yoga teacher and educator.  In Greece she is known as “the teacher of teachers in the yoga path.” Having taught in the traditions of Ashtanga, Anusara, and Vinyasa Yoga, Vivi finally created Abhaya Yoga—a style that combines dynamic asana with strong alignment, flow, and an empowering transformational philosophy rooted in Tantra and Buddhism.   It is her greatest joy to share this path with others, acting as a mirror for people to discover and embody their power, beauty, and hidden talents.  Through Yoga and the intimate environment of a training, Vivi loves to witness this catalytic prosses at work, where the individual and the team are mutually uplifted. 

More on Vivi’s background & philosophy…

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